a sinking scoby…kombucha mushroom!

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I taught a marathon day of lacto-fermentation and culturing classes. One of the things we made was KOMBUCHA–the real deal, from a kombucha mushroom. DEEEEEEEEE-LICIOUS, cheap and easy to make yourself, and FULL of great things for your body, not the least of which is GLUCURONIC ACID.  (Glucuronic acid is produced by the King of the organs, the liver. Drink some kombucha and help that liver of yours to detox!)

I got an email yesterday from someone in the class whose mushroom had sunk to the bottom of the bowl. What to do? Compost that mushroom and start again from scratch! Do the same if your mushroom has turned black, or the resulting kombucha tea smells “off”. Your nose ALWAYS knows!!!



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2 responses to “a sinking scoby…kombucha mushroom!

  1. simplybeingwell

    the baby usually grows on the top

    most batches are ready in 10-14 days. Often you can tell by the smell that the kombucha is ready. The longer you let it brew, the stronger the taste.

  2. simplybeingwell

    The baby grows under the mother. You must separate them when your batch is done. It is ready anywhere between 10-14 days. Some let their batch go longer. The longer the time, the stronger the taste.

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