my favorite pancake…fried mush!

Oatmeal, YUM!

Deeeeeeelicious, warming, grounding, nutritious, soaked oatmeal. Served with grass-fed BUTTER, of course!

In my constant quest to find the best quality, nutrient-dense and delicious  foods for my almost 4 year old and for all the moms and others that I teach, I happened upon my favorite pancake….from left-over oatmeal made the day before. Yep, this is an “Oldie but Goodie”…some call it “Fried Mush”. (Your grandparents certainly would!)  The key here is that the oatmeal is SOAKED oatmeal, soaked in water and what I call a “neutralizer”…whey or yogurt or kefir at least overnight, but my best batches are ALWAYS soaked for 24 hours or so…from breakfast to breakfast. ..and then cooked in more water for just a few minutes until the oats are soft and the raisins have released their sweet goodness into the pot. So you make a double batch, eat the first day as oatmeal…always with good, grass-fed butter and high quality sea salt…I add organic milk fresh from pastured cows and perhaps a touch of maple syrup. Deeeeeeeelicious! Oatmeal prepared this way will keep you going for hours without a blood sugar crash or hunger pangs.

The next breakfast, mix up the remains, raisins and all, with a pastured egg or two and a dash of sea salt. Drop the mix by the tablespoonful into a cast iron pan at medium heat with melted pastured butter in it…and fry until golden brown on each side. Serve as pancakes…with butter and maple syrup or whole milk yogurt or yogurt cheese and fruit spread…tastes delicious, highly nutritious…and, by golly, warms the soul.


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2 responses to “my favorite pancake…fried mush!

  1. Michele

    Monica! I tried making these as “pancakes”, because that term was stuck in my head, but I think you meant pan-fry the oatmeal remains more like an oatmeal “patty”. I ended up adding liquid to make the mixture more pancake batter-like, and realized when cooking that was not intended… Ah, next time 🙂 Now, the oatmeal itself, way yummy! I’m prepping another bowl as I type. Cheers!!

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