Soaking Beans and Grains class in Alexandria 3/6 SOLD OUT!

If you want to learn how to SOAK and COOK legumes and whole grains so that they are EASILY DIGESTED (no gas! no bloating! no tummy aches!) AND their NUTRIENTS ARE AVAILABLE to your body, COME TO CLASS!

Since Alexandria is sold out, register for the class in FALLS CHURCH on Saturday, 3/13, from 9:30am-12 noon. You may register HERE.

I will be teaching traditional soaking techniques…for legumes and for whole grains. Many people do not know that WHOLE GRAINS MUST BE SOAKED prior to cooking and eating. There are many reasons for this…one of which is to UNLOCK THE NUTRIENTS in the grains themselves and make them available to the body. And did you know that often those with Gluten sensitivities can tolerate soaked grains??  I will also be teaching some NEW TECHNIQUES for soaking legumes. They are easy, and your beans and legumes will be more easily digested than ever!!

You may also order your Bean and Grain chart at class so that you have it handy in your kitchen!

I look forward to cooking with you!



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2 responses to “Soaking Beans and Grains class in Alexandria 3/6 SOLD OUT!

  1. silvia

    Hello, I would like to take your class on grains in FAlls Church. Unfortunately, there is no address or telephone number I can call for this information.
    Do you still have an opening?

    • simplybeingwell

      Hello Silvia

      I would be happy to have you in class on Saturday in Falls Church. The specific location is given upon registration, as it is being held in a private home. It is very close to the intersection of 495 and Gallows Road. If you would like to register, see the 2010 Schedule of classes page and register through PayPal. You will receive a confirmation of registration and the address upon receipt.

      I look forward to cooking with you! be well, Monica

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