the Kidney post…

kidneysSad to say, the kidneys were a bust. Oh, I had grand plans for them…”kidneys with mushroom sauce” a la Nourishing Traditions, complete with raw cream. Mmmm mmmm. Well, as we all know, “the nose knows”.  Even after rinsing the kidneys and then soaking them in lemon juice for several hours, they did not smell like something I would want to put in my mouth. So out they go, tossed. Sad for all of us.

I will try again and let you know how it goes!


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2 responses to “the Kidney post…

  1. sheri

    That is what’s so hard to get over the yuck factor.

  2. Tas'

    Kidney’s can be an aquired taste. With British blood, I grew up on steak ‘n’ kidney pie and steak ‘n’ kidney pudding and loved them, but they are somewhat different to other meats and I can understand that many people wouldn’t like them.

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