Eggnog Made Right is a Super-Food!

Yes, it’s true! Eggnog a super-food! But this is not your ordinary, store-bought eggnog. It is not even the organic eggnog available on supermarket shelves. It is eggnog you make yourself, from pure, nutrient-dense ingredients in their most natural state: clean, pure, fresh milk, raw egg yolks from pastured hens, fresh grated nutmeg and perhaps a dash of cinnamon. Some folks like to add cream, but my experience with fresh raw milk is that it is do rich, the cream is not needed.

Let me tell you how I happened upon this: I was working at the annual Weston A. Price Foundation conference in Dallas last month, Wise Traditions 2011, coordinating all the food and acting as liaison between WAPF principles and the kitchen staff for 1200 or so participants. Long days, lots of running, to put it mildly. I needed my body to keep up the pave, and I needed my mind to stay clear. I was blessed to work with Mike Mudrak, (who was what I called a “runner”; others would call him a “gopher”, amd oh what a running gopher he was!) I got to meet Mike’s wife Judith. (Judith runs an annual tour to her native Switzerland every year through WAPF.) Every morning, they started their day with eggnog. This was a simple recipe: raw milk and raw egg yolks; often 5 yolks to about 8-12 oz. of milk. Stir. Down the hatch! I was a disbeliever-and then I tried a glass. (Truth be told, Judith took it easy on me and I started with a small glass and 3 yolks instead of their usual 5 or 6.) Wow! Nutrient-dense Nirvana! That cup of power got me through for hours! And my thinking was sharp and clear, even though I had been working for days!

So just last night, I was craving calcium and fat. I had just enjoyed a delightful meal of potatoes, onions and kale cooked in bacon fat with German sausages from our local meat market. Still hungry. Then I remembered: eggnog. I had all the ingredients right in my fridge. Yum yum. Down the hatch! Delish! That’s when it occurred to me; I started thinking… eggnog made well is a true super-food! All of the live enzymes, good fat, healthy bacteria, and available protein in the fresh milk plus all the nutrients in the incredible egg yolk! Some cinnamon for stoking the digestive fire…

If you are blessed in this country to have access to fresh, clean, raw milk and pastured eggs, make this super-food for your family! Especially your children! Don’t hold back! They need the calcium and the fat and the choline in the yolks for their brains! Enjoy! Enjoy! And happy holidays to all of you who celebrate the season!

P. S. I do not encourage you to try this with pasteurized milk or cream. Organic or not, from grass-fed cows or not, pasteurized milk is hard to digest for most people and is just not worth it. A possible compromise: use watered down organic, whole milk, plain yogurt with pastured egg yolks. Just “up” the number of yolks and add vanilla and a bit of maple syrup to counter the sour yogurt taste!



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23 responses to “Eggnog Made Right is a Super-Food!

  1. Pam Hannam

    I hadn’t thought to make it that way but will try it almost immediately! I feel so sorry for people who don’t have access to raw milk and truly pastured eggs. Thank you, Monica!

  2. Katie

    thankfully my digestive system is a beast! I can down any kind of milk whether pasteurized or not and feel awesome. That being said, pastured lightly pasteurized, cream-top milk tastes incredible and this is coming from someone who’s favorite food group is dairy. The only time I tried raw it was from someone I knew who had a cow and it was incredibly salty, we later found out it was because she was pregnant. Still need to try some from a non-prego cow. The only way you can get it in VA is through buying a share.

    • simplybeingwell

      Unfortunately one often does not notice any damage to the digestive tract until one is symptomatic. As a holistic nutritionist and raw milk revolutionary, I will still stick by my suggestion to avoid pasteurized milk simy because it is a dead food, organic or not. I must say Virginians are blessed to have access to a cow share, as I am in Colorado. Many Americans have no access. All the best to you! And thanks for writing! For more info, see as well as the Raw Milk Institute. :))

      • Katie

        Okay I have a question about “lightly pasteurized” milk. I regularly buy this from several places, it’s local, non-homogenized, in glass bottles and tastes really good. I bought some one time and got caught in traffic and by the time I got home the milk had soured. Not gone bad, I mean it clabbered. I actually used it as buttermilk and to make cheese and it was pretty awesome. But I thought pasteurized, even lightly, would mean that it would just go bad and you’d have to throw it out. I’m confused….

        Btw it’s illegal to sell raw milk at stores in VA, so it def. wasn’t raw.

  3. This post served to inspire me to write on the topic today and I referenced your experience here:

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  5. Sheena

    Great idea. I did add a smig of maple syrup to insure acceptance by my little ones. They loved it. Thanks.

  6. teresa

    I eat a shake a day, with raw milk, a raw pastured egg or two (try duck eggs, even richer!), a bit of cream (yum), and raw, unheated honey. Sometimes I add a bit of cardamon. It’s blended into a shake, apparently the honey and cream prevents any damage to the eggs from the blending. Yum!

  7. danielle

    This is great idea. I’m going to try it! One question though: what do you do with all the egg whites?

  8. I have now posted a link to your blog on my new blog: – I think it’s called a ping!

  9. I think it’s fascinating that Mayo Clinic started as a nutritional support/restore health facility and served raw – REAL – milk to patients.
    Merry Christmas and down the hatch with excellent foods!

  10. I make mine with raw cream, egg yolks, a touch of real maple syrup and then add freshly grated nutmeg on top. I will try cutting the cream with milk next time b/c it is SUPER rich, but SOOOO good around the holidays.

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