Allergies? Heal and seal your gut!

So many people with so many allergies. Allergies, sensitivities and intolerances…to foods, to ingredients, to dust, to plants, trees and pollen, to environmental toxins. How about you?

So many times moms have come to work with me in my private practice for help crafting a food plan for their child, having just received their food allergy/sensitivity test results for their child. They have come exasperated, feeling desperate. The previous test may have revealed 5 or 6 “trigger foods”…now the number was 30. What were they going to feed their child? How could we craft a diet or menu that was appealing with all of these restrictions? How could we craft a menu that they would eat? Overwhelming! I have even had some clients with more than 120 foods that had been identified as no good. Funny, every time they went for the next test, the number of trigger foods, or those that were not allowed from that point on, increased.


It is not that the foods themselves are inherently evil or bad. I have often said that gluten is the current “fall guy”. This week you react to wheat, next week it’s gluten. The next week, gluten and casein…The next week it’s gluten, casein, and eggs. The next week it’s gluten, casein, eggs, chicken, and green beans. Or carrots. Or coconut. Or herring. And so on. And so on. And so on, until you or your child seem to be reacting to just about everything. What is going on?

The body, specifically the small intestine, is injured…porous…leaky…and all of the molecules become reactive foods.

All allergies can be traced to the state of health of the gut lining.

When your small intestine lining has holes in it, not only are food molecules not broken down or digested as they need to be in order for the body to utilize them, but they also pass through the holes and into the bloodstream as foreign molecules. Foreign molecules in the blood mean that the body is going to respond with an allergic reaction or sensitivity or intolerance to the food at the least. If this goes on for years, autoimmune disorders may result…

So…what to do?

Surgery isn’t going to do it, folks. Nor are pharmaceuticals. The problem is in the gut…so the medicine is food. And while no diet can claim to do everything for all people, I have found one that does a lot to heal and seal the gut. It is the GAPS diet… the Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. (For more information about the GAPS Diet, see

Are you, too, gluten-free? casein-free? wheat-free? dairy-free? Have multiple allergies or sensitivities? Are you tired of it? Check out the GAPS diet.

I will be teaching about how to heal and seal the gut this Saturday, June 8 in Fort Collins, CO. The class is Implementing the Intro Diet.  (aka, HEAL IT AND SEAL IT!)

I will be teaching a GAPS Cooking Weekend in Silver Spring, MD August 9-10. All the cooking techniques you need to implement the diet with confidence.  Dr. Joseph Mercola called these cooking classes “ground-breaking.” More information about that weekend here.

The bottom line, folks…heal it and seal it. It all begins with the food.



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3 responses to “Allergies? Heal and seal your gut!

  1. Vanessa

    I started on the GAPS diet in July. I had severely burned down my digestive lining and had no choice but to follow the diet to a T, except I started eating egg yolk right away to heal my esophagus which felt very thin and vulnerable. It was scary. For a month I ate nothing but broths, blended meats into a liquidy soup, and eggs. A couple of months later I felt starving. I realized I needed glucose. Being hypoglycemic, I decided that even though my esophagus hadn’t fully healed I would try to impliment flours or potatoes in my diet. I put both in. I knew that the baked goods weren’t agreeing with me, but it was the holidays and I wanted to eat festively. I’ve been allergic to everything the past 5 years and was growing tired of my special diet and poor digestion. Well, my digestive lining gave out on me again this past weekend and my esophagus is back to being scary thin again. I went into the hospital for low blood sugar of 48. It’s been lower in the past, but I was at the doctors when I got my blood sugar checked so they ambulanced me to the hospital where they gave me honey graham crackers, a turkey sandwich, juice, and chocolate pudding. Instead of telling them that I am allergic to honey, wheat, artificial preservatives and flavors and food colorings, turkey, chocolate, and whey from milk, I thought, “I’ll take a small bite and see how my tongue feels.” I don’t know what made me so brave or careless, maybe because I was in a hospital. Well, I ate everything but the lettuce on my sandwich and the bread. I didn’t want to push my digestion, too much. But I ate graham crackers which is made of wheat! And chocolate, and skim milk in the pudding, and honey in the graham crackers. And this morning I had fruit punch with artificial flavors and colors. I can’t believe it! My digestion is still very vulnerable and 3 hours after I ate at the hospital I thought I was going to die unless I ate an egg yolk really soon to strengthen my esophagus, but my problem wasn’t an allergy anymore, just weak intestinal/digestive lining, which means going back to the intro diet and figuring how I can keep up my sugar. I’m so excited to know that one day I really will be able to eat like everybody else again.

    • Hi there Vanessa

      One thing that Dr. Natasha suggests to keep blood sugar stable is to have ghee with raw honey mixed in as much as you need to.

      Also, if you have been starving on GAPS, you may want to read my other article on this blog, “You’ll Starve on GAPS-not”. Most people who are on the intro diet do not know how much fat they need to eat. If they are having enough fat with their protein, they do not starve, AND they heal faster.

      My best to you on your healing journey!

      • Vanessa

        Thank you, I have been doing that the past few days. I had to substitute coconut oil for ghee because I am still allergic to whey, which I assume is what ghee is mostly made of since the ghee I bought says “lactose and casein free.” My throat felt like it wanted to close when I put some in my mouth and spit it out, unfortunately. But, I did need glucose in the past when I tried the diet because it wasn’t my stomach that was hungry, it was my cells. I felt like I was in a catabolic state, and since I’ve experienced being in a catabolic state over 4 years ago, I remembered what it felt like. I then realized that in biology I learned that every cell requires three nutrients for building blocks: protein, fat, and glucose. Which is why I added the potatoes and flours back in my diet. But I have since learned that that made my leaky gut worse, and since my esophagus feels very thin, I’m staying away from those foods that could possibly make me worse, and luckily, I now know that I can eat honey, because I have tried it off and on for the past few years with no luck. I got rid of that allergy just in time, because I am too malnourished to use sugar to raise my glucose level, I immediately feel it in my kidneys, and my esophagus lining is too thin to eat fiber, so honey and coconut oil it is. The only thing is, I think I am getting too much fat now. I mean, I definitely feel a pressure around my heart that gets released after taking a fish oil pill. I’ve been on a high saturated fat diet all year, which has greatly helped my strength and kidneys and concentration and energy and everything else. My mineral stores are still so low. I drink vegetable broth that I make daily every day. It eases my kidney symptoms. All I eat are high fat meats, I cook my eggs in organic beef tallow because I’m allergic to pork last time I checked, which was last month, and everything I eat is organic. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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