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New! GAPS Intro Diet Chart!

GAPS Intro Chart Sample-page-001

So you have been wanting to try the Gut and Psychology SyndromeTM (aka, GAPS) diet, but you don’t know where to start.

Or…you have tried it before, but got confused, and dropped out.

Or…the “Intro” sounds scary and you can’t quite figure out what to eat when, or how to move from stage to stage, or even how many stages there are. (What’s a “stage”, anyway?)

Or…you know you have symptoms of a leaky gut, but don’t know what to do about it.

Want some assistance in sorting it all out? Yes!

Want this all to be easy peasey? Yes!

How about a handy, dandy, well-organized and beautiful chart that lets you know what to do, how to do it, and when?

Yep. It now exists!

I am happy to announce my third chart, this one for the Intro Diet of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome, the healing protocol developed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. This way of eating heals the symptoms caused by a leaky gut. Symptoms include: Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, schizophrenia…and many more!

Why did I develop another chart, you ask? Because I love charts. (Really, I do.) I love how I can take a lot of information and put it in one place, and make it easy to understand. (Check out my other charts on how to properly soak and cook Grains and Beans, and…one on First Foods for Babies!)

I am also a teacher to the core of my being. I love to share information. I love to educate. Most of all,  I love to give people tools to help them to heal themselves.

I developed this particular chart because I believe in the healing capabilities of the Gut and Psychology SyndromeTM protocol.

Why now? Because I keep meeting people, hearing stories, and working with clients to implement the GAPS diet that are very confused. Confused about what to do when, (what to cook and when to eat it…and how to move from stage to stage).  So, I took matters into my own hands, and created this chart.

As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to follow, contains all the information you need, and is pleasing to the eye. My hope is that it will assist many people on their journey back to the innate health and well-being that is their birthright. The chart is available now, on my website, as a download.

If you are a Certified GAPS Practitioner, and you would like to have charts available for your patients and clients, contact me for bulk orders. Monica@simplybeingwell.com


I will be giving away 5 of my new GAPS Intro Diet Charts on September 1, by random drawing. These will be printed charts that will be mailed to winners. One chart per household.

The deadline is August 31, at 10pm MT. Everyone who enters will be notified of the results via email.

To enter to win your GAPS Intro Diet Chart, please answer the following questions in the comments, with a minimum of 5 sentences.

What has your experience with the GAPS diet been? What questions do you have regarding the diet? What are you hoping to gain from the Intro Chart? If you are new to the diet, what are you hoping to heal by going on it?

If the Chart is not enough, you may wish to set up a Wellness Consultation to go learn how to easily cook for the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet! Sometimes it takes just one consultation to get on the right track!

Here’s to ease of healing!

Be well, all!


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Learn to cook for the GAPS Diet! Cooking Immersion Weekend!


Gut and Psychology Syndrome CoverOne of the best diets to heal a leaky gut and gut dysbiosis…as well as the myriad of symptoms that result from these conditions…is the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (aka “G.A.P.S.”) diet. I have been teaching how to cook for the diet for about 5 years now, having developed one of the first sets of cooking classes for it. I have offered these classes individually over a series of weeks, and also all together over a weekend workshop as far away as California, Massachusetts, and Maryland. This coming weekend, and next month, I am inaugurating a new method which I am calling “Cooking Immersion Weekends”.

The Cooking Immersion Weekend grew out of the desire to provide a way for individuals to experience learning and cooking with all the techniques needed for the diet at one time, with other people, and with a resource right with them to answer any questions. (Me.)

I have broken up the weekends as makes the most sense: one for the “Intro” diet and another for the “Full” Diet, as cooking for them is very different. The Intro Immersion Weekend will take place this weekend, 4pm Friday through 1pm Sunday, September 2-14, 2014,  in a retreat setting at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO. The Full Immersion Weekend will take place same times and place, on October 3-5, 2014.

My desire and intention for those that join me for these Cooking Immersions is that they leave feeling fully confident in their ability to implement the healing protocol when they return home. (You all know how much I love to make things easy for folks and to take the mystery out of seemingly complicated cooking techniques!)

These are very hands-on weekends; we spend a lot of time in the kitchen together. 🙂  And though those of you who have been cooking traditional food for a while will have a broader knowledge base than those who have not, cooking for the GAPS diet is very different than cooking from Nourishing Traditions. So….

You are invited to attend one or both of the weekends!

Still on the fence? Here is what Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride wrote about my cooking classes:  ” Dear Monica, I just want to thank you for your wonderful GAPS cooking classes! I am getting excellent reports from the GAPS Practitioners and patients! Everybody who attended your classes leave very inspired and ready to cook good food. Thank you!”

CGPs (Certified GAPS Practitioners) are especially welcome, as knowing how to cook for the diet is critical to its success.

You may register for the September 12-14 Cooking Immersion Weekend here.

You may register for the October 3-5 Cooking Immersion Weekend here.


Looking forward to cooking with you!



Please note: Gut and Psychology Syndrome is the trademark and copyright of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. The right of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Patent and Designs Act 1988.



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and now, to add Insult to Injury…

have a little phyto-ESTROGEN in your ice-pop, little girl or boy!!! Ice pops are TOXIC POPS!!

Yes, yes, indeed. Don’t look now–yes, LOOK NOW! They are adding SOY PROTEIN to ice pops! What’s so insidious about this? The soy is in the fine print. You’ve got to search for it, almost with a magnifying glass. Will the addition of food fractions and fake food and more than that MAJOR ALLERGENS to food never stop?! START READING THE LABELS, MOMS–and Dads–and everyone else…before you toss that “on sale for Memorial Day” “give your child a treat for summer” box of toxins into your shopping cart. And certainly before you start passing them out to all the neighborhood kids!

ice pop ingredient list

The time is NOW to start being smart about what we are feeding our children. Heck, the time is PAST now. We must be aware and awake. We must be reading the labels on anything that has a label! I have said it before and I’ll say it again…just because it is in a store does not mean the food is good for you! Heck, it may not even qualify for food at all!

So I write this post. For those of you who already make your own ice pops and popsicles from real ingredients for your children, kudos to you! Keep it up! Can be as easy as putting diluted orange juice in paper cups with popsicle sticks! Or weak lemonade made with maple syrup for that matter! Blend up some berries with coconut milk…Start a popsicle revolution in your neighborhood! In your school! Everywhere! Teach other moms how to make real food popsicles for their children. Turn the tide from electric blue, green, yellow and red toxic pops to a real pop! Once the kids get a taste, they will love your real pops. Just try it!

What’s the INJURY that is already in the ice pops? I will give you a hint…excito-toxins, GMOs, corn syrup…yes, yes, yes! Food dyes that have been linked to hyperactivity in children! For those of you who are going for the “healthier”, sugar free option, DON’T!! Aspartame is an excito-toxin! Excito-toxins make children –and adults– go crazy. Alter their thinking. Set their nervous systems to “berserk” mode. GMOs? Yep, in that corn syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup! (Do your children need more sugar? more corn syrup? HFCS?!! I think not!) And now, for something really awful…soy protein! In an ice pop! One of the TOP ALLERGENS in this country. Full of phyto-ESTROGEN. Genetically Modified, of course (that means Frankenfood). AND an ANTI-NUTRIENT. What are they thinking?!! Whatever the Food Scientists (Mad Scientists, I would venture to say) are thinking about when they put SOY protein in an ice pop, it’s not about health, folks! From Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s The Whole Soy Story…here is a sample of health effects that have been linked to soy consumption: breast cancer, brain damage, infant abnormalities, thyroid disorders, kidney stones, impaired fertility…What’s “modified soy protein” anyway? Something from a lab. Again. And they are putting it in unsuspecting children’s ice pops?!! Even if it is a minute amount, it doesn’t belong there. Keep your allergenic, genetically modified, anti-nutrient, estrogenic and toxic food fractions OUT of our ice pops! The outrage!

Read the labels!

Make the ice pops!

Take back your and your child’s health!!

More on food dyes and additives

More on excitotoxins and more

More on the dangers of sugar and fructose

More on unfermented soy and more

ice pop label

This is NOT the treat they (the children) think it is. And it is NOT the treat they (the Food Manufacturers) say it is, either. Make your own!

And for those of you who are ready to venture into the kitchen and make your own, check out some recipes from Jenny of Nourished Kitchen–wholesome, real food, kid-tested and delicious!


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September classes just added!

Hello all,

Visit the Class Schedule page for just added classes in September. I will be offering a series of COOKING FOR WELL-BEING classes to balance children with AD/HD, Aspberger’s, and those on the Autistic Spectrum in Great Falls on Saturday mornings starting on September 18. Check them out!

And for my Maryland folks, I am looking into a host site this week. Will be scheduling Thursday evening classes starting in September. Come back soon to check out the Maryland schedule!

and until I cook with you, be well!

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A brave new world of well-nourished children…

Let’s do better by the children.

Let’s re-create the food model– what we eat and how we prepare it. Children that have come in with GF/CF issues are calling us not to do more of the same differently, (i.e., tweak the old model with brown rice flour), but to create something new. They are calling us to start over. To create a food model based on “things that work” for them, and that will ultimately transform how we all eat.

The current model for all children, including the GF community is:

  • too much processed food,
  • too many carbs, and not prepared in a way that can be digested,
  • too little healthy fat, and
  • improper food combining (too much protein and carbohydrates eaten together. Example: a turkey sandwich.)

Let’s do it differently.

Don’t all the children in the world deserve to be served the nutrients they need to live happy, healthy lives? I daresay, yes—and think most would agree. So let’s see what a new food model would look like for all children (and heck, all adult’s too!)

1. Cut out processed foods. For the purposes of this article, a frozen GF muffin made of brown rice flour and tapioca flour is just as dead as a “regular”, i.e., non-GF muffin. Only worse. Feeding these grains to a GF child does nothing to help heal the gut and, in the longer term, may lead to candida overgrowth issue. They also do nothing to stem the tide of toxins to the brain made from the inefficient digestion of carbohydrates.

2. Eat more properly prepared whole, gluten-free grains, such as buckwheat, millet, oats, and quinoa made at home. These grains, when prepared correctly through traditional soaking and cooking techniques, and served with healthy fats accomplish the following goals: they do not strain the digestive system because they do not contain the long chain protein known as “gluten” or large carbohydrate molecules found in rice, potatoes, and other starches typically used in processed GF recipes. These grains provide high nutrient density that is easily absorbed by the body. They do not convert into toxins that can then be absorbed by the bloodstream—a problem for those with compromised gut health. (See Natasha Campbell McBride, GAPS, SCD and BED for more on this).

3. Use alternative flours—nut flours or coconut flour. For those who can tolerate them, nuts and coconut flour are nutrient-dense options that pack a wallop. Nuts are very high in protein and healthy fats (so you don’t have to worry about a sugar crash like you do from a high carb muffin), and coconut flour is high in lauric acid which is a natural immune booster (for more on the nutrient benefits of coconut, see Bruce Fife, The Coconut Oil Miracle and Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, Eat Fat, Lose Fat).

All of the above calls us to create a new way of eating. It demands a learning curve along with a dash of creativity and a sense of adventure to learn anew the old techniques and incorporate them into one’s cooking repertoire, to work with whole grains and flours one has never worked with before, and to change our thinking about what is nourishing to children and to the rest of us. (STOP serving turkey sandwiches on any kind of bread and START giving the children the fats they need for healthy brain development…butter from grass-fed cows or casein-free ghee and coconut oil, for example.)

A, a brave new world of well-nourished children who are able to focus, participate, and THRIVE. Come with me to envision it and invent it. For all of us.

copyright 2010 Monica Corrado

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Gluten-Free/Casein Free Breakfast and Snack Classes added!

Check out the new classes added to Oakton, VA starting in July! Gluten-free and Casein-free Breakfasts and Snacks…AND Glorious GREENS by popular demand!

I am looking for people to host classes in their kitchens in Silver Spring or Alexandria, or other places where people want to learn how to Cook for Well-Being as early as June…or July and August. Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings. If you are interested in hosting a class or a series…contact me at simplybeingwell at aol dot com!

I look forward to cooking with you!

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balancing children with AD/HD and ASD through food…!

a new series on REAL Food for Kids…

*** please note these classes will balance ALL CHILDREN and adults….and those on GF/CF diets as well***

I am offering a new series called small Changes, BIG Impact: Balancing Children with AD/HD and on the Autistic Spectrum Through Food, starting this Thursday, March 11, at 7:15pm in NW DC at the Silver Spring line. The first class is called “Gluten-Free Optimally”: What your ASD or AD/HD child eats may be one of the most important things to begin to bring them to balance… and…the BEST DIET may not be what you think!  Come learn why gluten-free/casein-free (GF/CF) diets may not be enough…they bring temporary relief and may lead to other issues. Learn the components of a diet that will help bring your child to balance. THIS IS THE FIRST OF 6 CLASSES for Balancing Children Through Food. They are all held on Thursday evenings.
REGISTER HERE for small Changes, BIG Impact March 11

Classes are $55 in advance or $65 at the door. Register for a class below by clicking on the date.
March 18 Nourish Your Brain Food: Healthy Fats and Supplements

April 8 Drink to a Healthy Gut: Fermented Beverages –CLASS SOLD OUT! COME TO OAKTON IN MAY

April 15 Eat Your Probiotics: Lacto-fermented Vegetables and Fruits
April 29 Gelatinous Stock for a Healthy Gut
May 6 Super GF Whole Grains: Amaranth, Millet, Quinoa and Buckwheat

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