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Beans at High Altitudes!


A long time ago…more than six years now, I published a chart that summarized how to soak beans…which “neutralizers” for which beans, how long to soak them, at what temperature water, and how to cook them. I gleaned the information from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. When I asked Sally to review my chart for accuracy, she said that I had missed the baking soda. “Baking soda”?! There was no mention of baking soda in her chapters on beans! Yikes! Sally provided me with a report to read through on how to make beans more easily digested  that had been published in Wise Traditions, the journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation. In order to make my soaking chart accurate, I needed to include baking soda as one of the neutralizers for specific types of beans. So I updated the chart, got her “thumbs up”, and had it printed. My chart is called “Preparing Whole Grains and Legumes for Ease of Digestion and  Nutrient Availability“. It has been available on my website since 2010. It is hand-illustrated and hand-lettered, and it has well served many people around the world since then.

As some of you know, I moved to Colorado in 2011. I now live at almost 5,000 feet, after living at sea level for all of my life until then. Living at high altitude demands some changes in the kitchen. One of those changes has been in cooking beans. Now, while we are not big bean eaters in my house, I do soak beans for chili, and lentils for soup, etc. I have found the easiest way to make the perfect beans at high altitude. I shared that information in my latest post on Selene River Press, in “Perfect Beans at 5,000 Feet“. You can find that article here. I hope you enjoy it!


Order your own Bean and Grain Chart!

Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon Morell




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Soaking Beans and Grains class in Alexandria 3/6 SOLD OUT!

If you want to learn how to SOAK and COOK legumes and whole grains so that they are EASILY DIGESTED (no gas! no bloating! no tummy aches!) AND their NUTRIENTS ARE AVAILABLE to your body, COME TO CLASS!

Since Alexandria is sold out, register for the class in FALLS CHURCH on Saturday, 3/13, from 9:30am-12 noon. You may register HERE.

I will be teaching traditional soaking techniques…for legumes and for whole grains. Many people do not know that WHOLE GRAINS MUST BE SOAKED prior to cooking and eating. There are many reasons for this…one of which is to UNLOCK THE NUTRIENTS in the grains themselves and make them available to the body. And did you know that often those with Gluten sensitivities can tolerate soaked grains??  I will also be teaching some NEW TECHNIQUES for soaking legumes. They are easy, and your beans and legumes will be more easily digested than ever!!

You may also order your Bean and Grain chart at class so that you have it handy in your kitchen!

I look forward to cooking with you!


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Eat Beans? Avoid the GAS! NEW Soaking Technique this Saturday, 10/17

lentils and black beans!

lentils and black beans!

soaked oats...YUM!

soaked oats...YUM!

Hey folks,

I have been teaching traditional soaking techniques on how to soak beans and whole grains so they are easily digested for over 3 years now…well, there is NEW INFORMATION on how to soak beans. It is NOT in Nourishing Traditions. I will be presenting this info in my class this Saturday morning in Bethesda, MD…along with new bean and grain charts. For more information, see class schedule page. Hope to see you there!

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fall 2009 cooking for well-being classes

Check out the schedule of cooking classes for this fall! Everything from Making Nutrient-Dense Stocks and soups to making REAL pickles and salsa…lacto-fermented, live, full of enzymes and good for your gut healthy bacteria. Learn how to soak beans and whole grains so they are easy on the digestive system and easily absorbed…these classes are lots of fun, informative, and DEEELICIOUS!

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