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Easy Peasy Chicken Soup!! These cold winter days…

and nights make one long for a bowl of warm, nourishing, delicious and delightful soup! I know I do!!


’tis the season to make a big pot of soup at least once a week! I thought I’d share one of the easiest ways to make homemade chicken soup when your time is limited. I’d call this one a “shortcut” recipe! Obviously, it would be great if you could do the whole thing from scratch, but let’s face it, folks–sometimes you can’t. This one’s for for you, the Busy, Time-Strapped Person! (and aren’t we all, some days?!!)


Easy Peasy (Shortcut) Chicken Soup!

1 roasted chicken

a bunch of vegetables you love, or ones you happen to have in the refrigerator. The usual suspects: carrots, celery, onion, zucchini, mushrooms…(can also add beet stems and or beet greens or chard, or any other veg you love!) Use what you love; don’t use what you don’t.

2-3 T of a healthy fat you love: ghee, pastured butter, schmaltz, bacon fat, lard, duck fat…coconut oil, etc.

2 quarts chicken or other stock…

good salt and freshly ground pepper

thyme…or oregano or rosemary or basil or a combination…dried or fresh. 1 T dried or 3 T fresh…

tomatoes…diced or ground. (I love the new tomatoes in glass jars…Bionaturae is one brand in glass…no BPA for me!) optional but a delicious addition!!

Making the soup: A basic template

1. Purchase an organic roasted chicken. (Yes, I said “purchase”. Remember, this is a shortcut recipe. Yes, purchase it at your local supermarket..WF carries them…so do other stores. Some offer only “natural” roasted chickens. Neither are the best. The best would be a chicken that you roasted yourself that was raised on pasture eating bugs and supplemented with non-GMO feed. The next best is an “organic” chicken…which means only that the feed was organic–the chicken may never have eaten a bug in its life. Chickens are omnivores… A nutritionally inferior chicken for your soup, but better than a “natural” chicken. One can probably bet that those “natural” chickens were fed GMO feed…and it says nothing about their quality of life. So the choice is yours. Do the best you can and then make peace with your choice.)

2. Place desired fat in a 4-5 quart Dutch Oven, over medium-low heat.

3. Dice (into uniform sizes) about 3-4 carrots, 3-4 celery ribs, one medium onion, 2 medium zucchinis, a handful of mushrooms. (Organic is best…)

4. Add the carrots and celery first, along  with about 1 tsp. Celtic or other high trace mineral content salt; cook over medium-low heat with the lid on for about 5-7 minutes.

5. Add the onion, zucchini and mushrooms. Cook about 4-5 minutes with the lid on.

6. Add 2 quarts of chicken stock you have in the freezer. (I know, I snuck that one in on you. If you don’t have chicken stock in your freezer, very sad. However, since this is a “shortcut” recipe, you could purchase some from the store or from your local farmer! Just be sure to get “pastured” stock–and check the ingredients. Stock should only be bones, vegetables, water and salt or herbs. Some brands are sneaking in cane sugar, soy protein and/or MSG. Read the ingredient labels!! The front of the box does not always tell the full story.)

7. Bring the stock to a boil and skim and discard any scum. Lower the heat to medium.

8. Add the chicken meat, which you diced while everything else was cooking. (About 2 cups) Add the tomatoes if you are going to use them. Add the herbs at this time, additional salt and about 4-5 good grinds of pepper. Heat the soup through for about 10 minutes.

9. Serve with a dollop of cultured cream, yogurt, ghee or pastured butter in each bowl.


BTW, you can use this recipe as a template for any other meat you have around…beef, lamb, etc. Just be sure the flavors of the fat, the stock, the meat or poultry, and the herbs/spices all complement each other. 🙂


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My first book…buy yours NOW!

I am happy to announce my first book (I say that because I have many more on the agenda!)…

with Love from Grandmother’s Kitchen: Traditional Cooking Techniques for Well-Beingcover with Love from Grandmother's Kitchen

The book covers all the techniques you need to cook nourishing, traditional food!

***For more information about the book, including sample pages and info about content, click HERE***

Due out 11/11/11! (How auspicious!)

Order yours today!

If you would like to purchase more than 5 copies, or if you would like to order in bulk or wholesale, kindly contact me directly at simplybeingwell at gmail.com!

Special thanks to Amy Berger for her research and contribution and to Jessica Haney, editor, without whose tireless work this would not have been published! 


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PROMO: today thru April 30!

Purchase a 3 DVD Set:  “Pulling It All Together: Fitting Nourishing, Traditional Food into Your Busy Life!” and receive a copy of Nourishing Our Children E-Book…AND be entered in a drawing to win a Bean and Grain Chart!

This 3 DVD set covers all the techniques you need to cook nourishing, traditional food. All the techniques and all the timing…not sure how to fit REAL food into your busy life? This 3 DVD set shows you how. Recorded LIVE at Wise Traditions 2010.

Check out samples of the  E-Book:

sample 2
sample 3-malnourished section

sample 4-water section

A big THANK YOU! to the Nourishing Our Children Campaign for donating the E-Book for this promo…and for all their tireless work to help educate us about how to best nourish our children!!

…and another big THANK YOU to Sandrine Hahn who offers Visual Communication for a beautiful slideshow and landing page! And to my husband, Franklin Taggart, for the musical score, “Morning Kitchen”. And to my cousin Martin for spending hours on photographs one day in March…and to all of you who allow me to continue to “Teach, teach, teach!”

be well!


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NUTRIENT-DENSE STOCK for babies, AD/HD, ASD…and everyone else!

beef bones after cooking

beef bones after cooking

NUTRIENT-DENSE STOCK, (aka “Bone Broth”) made well is a wonderful first food for babies when they are ready to move off the breast or the bottle. It is high in CALCIUM and easily absorbed minerals, high in usable protein and acts as a protein sparer, meaning one has to eat less protein when one uses stock in their diet. STOCK is also an important part of a healing protocol for anyone with digestive issues, eczema, and allergies, and anyone on a GLUTEN-FREE or CASEIN-FREE diet.

I work with a lot of families with children on the Autistic Spectrum in my private practice in Takoma Park, MD, helping moms and dads bring their children to balance through food. One of the issues children and adults on the Autistic Spectrum or with AD/HD share is a compromised gut and difficulty digesting different molecules. Most people know about the issues with gluten and casein, but there are other foods that are best kept out of the diet as well. NUTRIENT-DENSE STOCK made well is an important part of a healing protocol for these children. It is healing to the gut lining, high in usable protein and easily absorbed minerals, and acts as a protein sparer among other benefits.

I am teaching a class on The Secrets of Making Nutrient-Dense Stock on Saturday, February 20, from 9:30am-12 noon in Falls Church. To  register, see my page on Class Schedule 2010.

I look forward to cooking with you!

One of the healthiest fats for cooking-beef tallow. A wonderful by-product of making NUTRIENT-DENSE GELATINOUS STOCK.

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making STOCK, aka BONE BROTH tomorrow night in Alexandria!

One of my favorite classes to teach…The Secrets to Making Nutrient-Dense Stock…! I’ll be teaching tomorrow night, Thursday, January 28 in Alexandria, VA. Why do I love STOCK? It is nutritious, delicious, grounding, nourishing and nurturing. It is also a protein-sparer…which means one needs to eat less protein when you cook with STOCK. It is also chock full of easily absorbed MINERALS, which every body needs. And it is a wonderful way to make use of all the bones you have…an act in sustainability. STOCK made well is the foundation of good soups, sauces, and gravies. It is one of the first foods I suggest to moms when weaning their little ones.

cooled stock-gelatin!

Rich gelatin from beef stock made well.

You need good bones to make good STOCK…don’t try to make it from bones produced from cows on feedlots, or chickens in battery cages. First of all, it won’t work. Second of all, it won’t be nutrient-dense! Meat and bones from animals in CAFOs are nutritionally inferior. Perhaps most important, STOCK is healing food. One cannot get healing food from animals that were treated with antibiotics or hormones, or fed the wrong food, or, just plain not treated well.

Hope to see you in Alexandria. If you would like to register, go to the page that lists the Class Schedule for 2010.

Happy and Healthy eating!

beef tallow and gelatin

beef tallow-a healthy fat to cook with!

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upcoming classes January and February 2010!

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know about the classes I will be teaching in January and February.

I will kick off the year with a  Lacto-fermentation class in Reston on Thursday, January 7, 7-9:30pm…a Secrets to Making Nutrient-Dense Stock class on Thursday, January 28, same time, in Alexandria. On Saturday, Feb 6, I will be teaching my NEW TECHNIQUES for Soaking Beans and Whole Grains class and on the 27, it will be a REAL Condiments (Lacto-fermented, of course!) class in Alexandria. For details on what the classes will cover and to register, see my SCHEDULE OF CLASSES page.

I look forward to cooking with some of you very soon! All the best to you for a wondrous, wonder-full, delightful, abundant, joyous and deliciously healthy 2010!

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