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Make your own pickle juice!

For all of you who want to learn how to make your own fermented pickles, (really fermented cucumbers–“pickles” are “pickled” and “pickling juice” *DOES NOT* deliver the same immune-boosting goodness that *ferments* do–let’s be clear about that!

So go out and purchase fermented cucumbers (Bubbies is a brand) *OR* learn to make your own ferments!! Pick up my 3 DVD set, “Fitting Nourishing, Traditional Food into Your Busy Life“, which teaches the fermentation technique for everything from vegetables to condiments (ketchup) to beverages! as well as all the other techniques in NT  or, learn how to make fermented ketchup, mustard and mayo on my DVD, The Ketchup Revolution!

*Nothing beats* homemade ferments!  Good food and good health to all of you! Let’s keep up the “fermentum!”

In case you haven’t seen this article in the Washington Post food section article, Fermentation: A Wild Way to Make Food Come to Life! 


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August and September classes!

Hey folks, visit the 2011 Class Schedule page…I just added classes for August and September. These are the last classes I will teach in the DC metro area for a while, as I am moving in late September. If you would like to take a class with me in this area, *now’s the time*!! I did my best to incorporate the class requests that came in. Thanks to everyone who will be hosting these two months, to those who offered to host, and to those who have hosted me over the years!

Classes include:

Enzyme-Rich Sauces! The Secret Ingredient to Satiety

Beans and Grains for Autumn

Greens-GLORIOUS Greens- and Squash!


A Week of Healthy Breakfasts!

You will also find information about the weekend of classes in Charlottesville, VA in September: Nourishing Healthy Children. If you know anyone in Charlottesville, kindly *spread the word*!! Thanks!

As always, I look forward to cooking with you!

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don’t get a flu shot! drink the pickle juice!


fermented cucumbers, aka "pickles"

fermented cucumbers, aka "pickles"


(juice from FERMENTED pickles, of course! and I’m NOT kidding!)

So we are full swing in flu season. And many moms ask me whether I recommend flu shots for them or for the children. I NEVER recommend flu shots. For many reasons, not the least of which is that it is an INVASIVE practice. So……..how to keep you and your child well through flu season?  You KNOW I’m going to start with FOOD.  REAL food, as always…REAL food, nutrient-dense food.

How does eating REAL food keep you and your children well? When one eats PROCESSED FOOD, the body is not getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong. Eating PROCESSED FOOD also TAXES THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, because it is constantly having to counter the CHEMICAL TOXINS in the food. When the immune system is constantly under stress, it gets tired…the body gets tired…and the child or you get sick.

How else can REAL food help? I wasn’t kidding in FERMENTS class this past Saturday when I suggested that people DRINK THE (fermented) PICKLE JUICE. Or the fermented sauerkraut juice. Or the whey straight off the yogurt. Or strain the yogurt to get a jar of whey and a cup or so of delicious yogurt cheese.   Fermented pickles and other “FERMENTS’ are packed full of good bacteria–lactobacilli–the ones that keep you well.  The ones that help to keep your body in balance through ANY and EVERY season. So if you get a stomach ache or a flu bug,  DRINK your probiotics!  Whey, juice from fermented pickles or sauerkraut, or salsa…fermented punch or ginger ale…EAT your probiotics! The pickles, the sauerkraut, the apple butter, the KETCHUP! All fermented, all live, all packed FULL of GUT GOOD GUYS!

Don’t get (or give) a flu shot! DRINK the (FERMENTED) PICKLE JUICE!!!

****Next class on MAKING THE KETCHUP…and other IMMUNE BOOSTERS, aka “FERMENTS” is Tuesday, November 2 in Oakton, Virginia at 9:30am. (Register HERE.)

…and if you are in a pickle because you are out of your own fermented pickles, pick up a jar of pickles at the store. First clue they are fermented–you will find them in the refrigerated section. Second clue, the only ingredients are cucumbers, water, salt and spices.  (No vinegar, no sugar, and NOT in the DEAD ZONE.)


Monica straining stock

Straining liquid gold in Nutrient-Dense Stock class!


and keep a look out for my next post…SERVE THE HOMEMADE STOCK!! (Next class on Making Nutrient-Dense Stocks in Great Falls, Virginia, on Saturday, November 6 at 9:30am. Register HERE.)


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woo hoo! A week ago today…!

… I was featured on the front page of the Washington Post Food Section! It has been a busy and crazy one—which is why I am just posting today! …answering emails, being the Guest Chef on the WPost Food Chat…riding the crest of the wave I have been dreaming of  for a while now…I made it! HOORAY!

So for those who haven’t had a chance to read it, here’s the link to the article on Wednesday, September 15, 2010:

It’s Alive! Monica Corrado tasting her fermented salsa. DELISH!!!!!! Fermentation: A Wild Way to Make Food Come to Life

It was a great article, and a great first splash for lacto-fermentation. The FRONT PAGE of the Washington Post Food Section! WOOO HOOO! We did it! Keep on eating, folks, and keep up the FERMENTUM!! Thanks to Kristen Hinman who spent two and a half hours interviewing me. YES, I DID teach an entire fermentation class! She even made her own fermented ketchup. (and LOVED IT, btw!!) There was a lot to cover, and I think the article did a great job showing what I call and teach– “jar fermentation” a la Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, and what Mike Henry practices and teaches “crock fermentation”, a la Sandor Ellix Katz’s Wild Fermentation.

Also, thanks to Kimberly Hartke, a REAL Food Media Blogger and publicist for the Weston A. Price Foundation, for her wonderful article: Lacto-ferments Make Front Page of Washington Post Food Section.

Thanks to Mike Henry and Nessa Richman and Reid and Sonya Kramer for hosting the Second Annual Takoma Park Fermentation Festival, which served as the catalyst for the Post article and the photo in the Takoma Voice. I was thrilled to be asked to co-sponsor the festival and to be a part of spreading the “fermentum” at the grass-roots level. We’ll look for all of you next year, at our 3rd annual event! Monica Corrado at the Fermentation Festival Sept 4, 2010

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has written and called and emailed and FaceBooked and stopped me to offer congratulations. All of your notes have touched me deeply and all I can say is that I appreciate them more than words can express. Thank you for your support and for supporting my work these past years…and let’s keep at it! Changing the world one bite at a time…with fermented salsa, or fermented ketchup, or stock that you made from scratch. With love for your family and for yourself and for the Earth…

Whenever I wonder if what I am doing really counts, somehow one of you sends a note to thank me for the class I taught or the technique I demonstrated, or the resources I mentioned or the connections you made because of knowing me and coming to a class. I thank you for being the inspiration for my work, and for continuing the work quart by quart…pastured egg by pastured egg…grass-fed steak by grass-fed steak… May it continue to ripple out to touch all your family and friends…heck, this REAL food has to move…just give them a taste of those pickles or ketchup or chutney! DEEEELISH!! A friend of mine wrote and I quote…“The (REAL food) Revolution has begun!” YEAH!

If anyone would like to take a fermentation class soon, I just added Fun Ferments for Fall to the calendar, Thursday night September 30 at 7pm in Silver Spring, Maryland. These will be new ferments for Autumn…fermented turnips, beets, ginger, garlic, carrots…apple kraut… you may REGISTER HERE.

as always, I look forward to cooking with you!

be well, Monica


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Why FERMENTED cucumbers top pickles any day!

Monica Chef at Market Greenbelt 2009

Here's a shot of me at the Greenbelt Market last year, 2009!

Join me this Sunday, August 29, when I will be Chef at Market in Historic Greenbelt, Maryland at the Greenbelt Farmers Market. I will be demonstrating the age-old technique of FERMENTING cucumbers…or, shall we say, making REAL PICKLES at 11am.

You may be confused. Pickling is one technique to preserve foods–in this case, cucumbers. Fermentation is another. What’s the difference? ONE BIG DIFFERENCE is that fermented cukes are full of LIVE enzymes, and pickled cukes are not. The live enzymes in fermented cukes (or anything fermented) are not only not killed through heat like they are in canning processes. That’s why I always say, “Don’t ‘CAN’, ‘CULTURE!!'”. Read on!

Now’s the time to take all those CUKES and put them up with a process called lacto-fermentation. Lacto-fermentation NOT ONLY PRESERVES FOOD, it also INCREASES live enzymes and vitamin content, adds good gut bacteria (aka “probiotics”), aids with digestion, AND tastes GREAT! It is also fast and easy to do! I will be teaching what I call the “jar method” of fermentation.  (and for all you folks with “I don’t eat dairy” flags going up, “lacto” does not refer to milk. But you’ll have to come to get the whole scoop!) Come and learn how to ferment all those vegetables  bursting out of your garden and at farmers markets right now. And if you insist on canning, at least learn how to lacto-ferment so that you may RE-ENLIVEN what you canned later!

LIVE FOOD COUNTS to your digestive system and your overall health!

I’ll look forward to seeing you there! Be well!

Fermented Pickles and Salsa

Fermented Cukes (aka “pickles”) and Salsa!

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Culturing Farmers Market Veggies in Takoma Park!

Pickles and salsa

Fermented cukes, aka "pickles" and salsa. DEEEEElish! AND full of probiotics and enzymes!

Farmers Markets are EXPLODING with produce just about now…an abundance of cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, baby beets and turnips…now is the time to come to a fermentation class if you haven’t made one yet! We will make fermented pickles and salsa to start…and some other goodies from finds at the market. We will also make ketchup, and by request of the hostess, KOMBUCHA.

I hope to see you this SUNDAY, July 11 in Takoma Park! Class is from 9:30am-12 noon.  Go to the 2010 schedule of classes page to REGISTER.

tomatoes on a board

ummmmmmmm tomatoes...soon to be fermented salsa!

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